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2021 - Bay Area Business Radio

Paméla shares her journey of rebuilding her live after life-changing situations.

Listen to the episode.

2021 - It's You 2.0 - Relaunching Your Life

Paméla shares her journey of rebuilding her life after life-changing situations. 


Watch to hear more.

2021 - Full Circle with Ms. Wanda

Paméla joins Ms. Wanda for a powerful and 

empowering conversation about life, caregiving, survival and self-preservation.


Listen to be inspired.

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2021 – Level Up Summit: You Can’t Pour From an Empty Vessel

If you are a caregiver, you know that it becomes a juggling act between your needs and the needs of the person you are caring for. During this event, Paméla provides tips for caregivers to soothe themselves with self-care.


Listen for the tips.

2021 – Game Changer Chat

After months of writing and planning, Paméla along with a few other co-authors celebrate the launch of the highly-anticipated book, My Walk Past Hell.


Listen to join the celebration.

2021 – Women Inc. Podcast

In this episode, Paméla shares her aspirations as executive director of Black Women Revolt Against Domestic Violence, a Black family violence-focused resource center serving families in San Francisco. 


Listen to the episode.

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2021 – Workplace Trauma & Intersectionality

 Hosted by Dr. Zayiha Mabery, Paméla joins other panelists for a very important discussion about workplace culture and trauma as part of World Health Day.


Watch the discussion.

2022 Black Renaissance EDITED.jpg
2022 – Black Renaissance

Paméla joins Black Renaissance host Janice Mabry for an important discussion about self-care and tips to put her health and well-being first.


Watch the discussion.

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2022 – Emergence Podcast

Emergence Radio Talk is a radio show and podcast geared towards emerging and senior voices who are making an impact in their community and the world at large.

 Dr. Tavara Johnson talks to Paméla about her journey and how her faith has carried her through some of life's challenges.


Listen to the podcast.

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2022 – Glambitious

Glambitious names Dr. Paméla Michelle Tate a woman in watch in 2023.


Read the announcement

2023– Full Circle with Ms. Wanda

It's been two years since the last conversation with Ms. Wanda and Dr. Paméla Michelle Tate.

Check out this exciting episode where they catch up about the latest in Paméla's work, including why self-care is more important than ever.


Listen to the episode.

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