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2021 - Bay Area Business Radio

Paméla shares her journey of rebuilding her live after life-changing situations.

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2021 - It's You 2.0 - Relaunching Your Life

Paméla shares her journey of rebuilding her life after life-changing situations. 


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2021 - Ms. Wanda’s Full Circle

Paméla joins Ms. Wanda for a powerful and 

empowering conversation about life, caregiving, survival and self-preservation.


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2021 – Level Up Summit: You Can’t Pour From an Empty Vessel

If you are a caregiver, you know that it becomes a juggling act between your needs and the needs of the person you are caring for. During this event, Paméla provides tips for caregivers to soothe themselves with self-care.


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2021 – Game Changer Chat

After months of writing and planning, Paméla along with a few other co-authors celebrate the launch of the highly-anticipated book, My Walk Past Hell.


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2021 – Women Inc. Podcast

In this episode, Paméla shares her aspirations as executive director of Black Women Revolt Against Domestic Violence, a Black family violence-focused resource center serving families in San Francisco. 


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2021 – Workplace Trauma & Intersectionality

 Hosted by Dr. Zayiha Mabery, Paméla joins other panelists for a very important discussion about workplace culture and trauma as part of World Health Day.


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