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This journal was designed as a place for caretakers to write their thoughts and reflections about the journey that they have embarked upon with their client or family-member. This 31-day devotional is intended to guide the caretaker through a wide range of emotions in a safe manner so that they can continue to do their best at providing the essential care that their client or loved one needs.


I'll Fly Away is a journey in time that will allow the caretaker to remember good times now in the past, as well as helping them deal with their impending loss.


My Walk Past Hell anthology shares the gripping memoirs of what hell looked like through the lives of 30 relentless queens preserved by the power of God’s grace. A power that has kept them alive in order to share their stories with the world.


Brought together by visionary author Dr. Yolanda Perry, Pamela is joined by other co-authors Rita Green, Lee Mariano, Dr. JoAnn Hayes, Brenda Young, Felicia Long, Veronica McGee, Raye Campbell, Shannon Hancock and more.