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Dr. Paméla Michelle Tate is an author, publisher, community organizer, serial entrepreneur and multidimensional professional specializing in the promotion and awareness of both domestic violence and educational advocacy.  


She currently serves as the Northern California Domestic Violence Coordinator of the Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority, Inc. Delta Delta Zeta Chapter, which she is a proud member and using the designated platform to promote, educate, resource, and to bring resolve to those burdened by the lasting effects that domestic violence leaves on its survivors.


Standing authentically in her purpose, Paméla has joined forces with three of her friends and formed the Black Women Revolt Against Domestic Violence Resource Center in San Francisco where she serves as co-executive diretor. This group is comprised of women determined to provide the various resources, tools and aid that are necessary to stand against domestic violence.


Her transparency is appreciated by various audiences. As a survivor, Paméla believes that it is her responsibility to champion advocacy. Through the power of her own life’s story, she has become a catalyst for both local and global communities. She shares some of her story a co-author in the anthologies, “My Walk Past Hell,” released in April 2021, “I Survived the Storm,” “Women Who Rock” both published in July 2022.


Taking care of her mother with terminal cancer inspired the release two personal pieces of work: “I’ll Fly Away: 31 Day Devotional for Caretakers,” a journal to offer time, space and healing caretakers and Self-Care Practices That Benefit the Mind, Body & Soul,” a guide with more than 20 care tips and exercises. Now called “The Queen of Self-Care,” Paméla further promotes the care of one’s health and well-being with the creation of a deck of 54 cards peppered with self-care tips and affirmations that pair perfectly with a self-care journal.


In addition, known as the “Queen of Self-Care,” Paméla is the creator and publisher of the quarterly publication, The Self-Care Magazine, which is dedicated to self-care, restoration, and work/life balance.


Prior to her current author work, Paméla wrote and published “A GIRL’S JOURNEY: There’s No Crying in Baseball,” a book written to teach children and families about fortitude, integrity, gender roles and the concept of being a team player.


When Paméla is not out advocating for others, she resides in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. She is a beloved daughter and the mother of three children and one bonus child.
Follow Paméla on Facebook and Instagram (@mspamelatate) and visit her website, for inspiration for survivors and caretakers as well as upcoming speaking engagements.

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